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The old driver keeps a car! These parts of the car are well maintained and their second-hand value can easily be doubled.~

發布日期:2021-09-09 07:21:36

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, in most car owners'perceptions, these items are usually engine oil, spark plug, air filtration, etc. But in fact, many of the common parts on the car which are neglected also need to be checked and maintained regularly. Otherwise, it may have a great impact on the use and safety of vehicles. Today, I'm going to take stock of the parts that are used every day, but the owners don't maintain or replace them very much.

Door Seal Strip

Door seals are visible every time you get on or off the car. But it is estimated that there are few owners to maintain or replace them. Some people may ask, what is a good maintenance of a sealing strip? In fact, this small sealing strip has a great effect on vehicles. It can provide waterproof, dust-proof, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption and decoration for vehicles. When the sealing strip is aged and broken, the noise of the vehicle will increase, water leakage, air leakage and other phenomena will occur, which will greatly affect the feeling of the vehicle, and even lead to the damage of the circuit caused by the water inflow of the vehicle. Therefore, owners should regularly clean the door seals to slow down their aging, and replace them in time if damage occurs.

Interior seat

In addition to door seals, car interiors and seats are often overlooked by car owners and need to be maintained. Because most people buy new cars with seat covers and dust mats on the central console, they think they can protect the seat and interior. Understanding that dust is pervasive, long time does not care for the maintenance of seat or interior surface, it is very easy to cause oxidation and corrosion of these parts. Especially in some places where leather materials are used, it is necessary to wipe oil regularly. Otherwise, it will not take long to look old and fragmented, and serious discoloration will occur. This not only affects the interior beauty of the vehicle, but also reduces the second-hand value of the vehicle, so the owners must pay attention to it.


People say that tyres are the "feet" of cars, but most car owners pay little attention to them. Because people's subconscious tires are very durable and strong components, but in fact, tires are much more vulnerable than you think. Some unnoticed rubbings may lead to tire packing, air leakage, tire burst and other problems. These often have a great impact on the safety of driving. Data show that tyre burst occurs at high speed, and the death rate of people on board is very high. This shows the importance of tyre to vehicle safety. Therefore, owners should check and maintain tires more often, such as checking tire pressure, removing stones on tires, so as to make the vehicle more comfortable and safe to drive.

Wiper blade

Finally, vulnerable parts on vehicles such as wipers also need to be maintained at ordinary times. Because it is usually made of rubber, it will adhere to water and other impurities and suffer oxidation and erosion during use. As a result, the windshield may be damaged and the windshield may not be cleaned when the wiper is working. Therefore, after the owners use the wiper, it is better to clean the wiper blade, which can not only prolong its service life, but also avoid spending unnecessary money to replace the wiper blade.

These are the parts on the vehicle that are used everyday but not noticed by the owners. Perhaps a friend has found that most of these parts are made of rubber or leather, because of its material characteristics, it is more necessary for everyone to pay more attention to maintenance!